Sunday, May 20, 2007

"And Now I'm Back from Outer Space!"

That's right! Summer's coming, and the TransButtah is back and better than ever! That means a lot more blog posts! Wootith wootith! Booyah skeedadee! Vroom vroom!

Now, before I begin, I would like you all to watch this:

It's like god on steroids. But with a banana. Also watch this:


Okay, so my brother and my homies over at the Sega8Bit forum say that Gary the Banana is not funny. How can they do this? It's like a sin to not love Gary! I memorized all the words.

So the real reason I'm back is because I finally got my computer back from that evil demon lemon duck that came in one night and stole my house.

It kinda went like this. I'm sleeping all snug in my bed, with visions of rat cakes dancing in my head, when all of a sudden to my surprise, an evil duck staring at my from my window, did arise. He squirted some lemon juice in my face, and then we decided to have a crab walking race. Then the duck died. Then woke up from a slumber. Then stabbed me. And then stole my computer. After racing around the world, I finally caught up with him, and pulled his ears off his head. I got my laptop back!

So that's ma storay. Oh, and I saw Shrek the Third yestadia! It was prooty gewd. The second one was better in ma opini-onion, though.

So, I better get back to shaving my back hair. Away, hi-ho-Silver, ride!

Yngwie Malsteen rules your life.